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2 đề thi thử môn tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 năm 2013 P3

2 đề thi thử môn tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 năm 2013 P3

Đề số 1:

(1-3) Supply the correct forms of Verbs or Tenses :

  1. Don’t forget ( take ) _______________ a raincoat with you in case of  ( catch ) ___________a coming heavy rain.
  2. He said that he ( come ) _________________ here the following day.
  3. If he ( study ) _______________ harder, he will be able to pass the final exam.

(4-13) Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in each sentence:

  1. Mid-Fall Festival is celebrated in Viet Nam _______________the 15th of August in lunar year.
    A. in                                        B. on                          C. at                            D. to
  2. It took hours to free the victims ________the collapsed building. A. to      B. at    C. in    D. from
  3. Nobody can deny the benefits of the Internet in our life, __________________?
    A. can he                                B. can’t she                 C. can they                  D. can’t they
  4. Remember ______television before going to bed.  A. turn off    B. to turn off  C. turned off    D. that to turn off
    1. Lan wishes she _____Australia next summer vacation.  A. visited   B. could visit      C. can visit   D. will visit
    2. The new secretary is tired of _______________ all the time.
      A. ordering                             B. to be ordered          C. being ordered         D. being to order
    3. The man _______daughter has just won the first prize in the English speaking contest is a famous environmentalist.
      A. who                                   B. which                      C. whose                     D. that
    4. We shall go on a picnic if the weather ________ fine tomorrow. A. is         B. will be    C. can be D. to be
    5. Tom is very intelligent. ____________, he’s lazy. A. So                   B. But     C. Therefore                        D. However
    6. “Happy New Year” – “________.“  A. Happy New Year       B. Of course      C. You, too         D. The same to you

(14-16) Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

  1. The good news made her feel happily.

A               B    C       D

  1. They have known each other in 1983, haven’t they?

A                B    C               D

  1. The weather yesterday was so bad for us to go on a picnic.

A                       B        C            D

16A.  Last Sunday, the girls have gone to the Temple of Literature with their parents.

A                                     B         C                                                   D

16B  The doctor said me that he wasn’t at home on Sunday.

A          B                   C            D

16C.  Though the man felt very tired, but he did not stop working.

  1.        A                     B             C                                       D

16D.  We’ll get better grades if we studied hard  in this semester.

A                             B         C        D

(17-24) Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage:

Children are the real focus of birthday parties in Australia and they (17______it much the same way as children in American and England. Family and friends gather together and the birthday child has a cake, (18)_______is usually sponge cake with icing , topped with as many (19)____________as the child’s age. Some favorite foods served at this birthday celebration (20)________sausage rolls, chips, fresh fruit, cheese cakes and lollies.

Another similarity (21)________birthday celebrations in America and England is the music and games that (22)____ ___as well as the guests bringing gifts .Homes are often decorated (23)______balloons inside as well as at the front gate to (24)_______everyone know that this is the location of the party. Birthdays are also held at fast-food restaurants like Mc Donald’s or Pizza Hut, and there is always birthday cake for the party guests.

  1. A. celebrate                B. take                         C. organize                  D. decorate
  2. A. who                                  B. whose                     C. which                      D. that
  3. A. flowers                  B. gifts                                    C. cakes                       D. candles
  4. A. is                            B. are                           C. has                          D. have
  5. A. on                          B. of                            C. to                            D. with
  6. A. play                                  B. to play                    C. are playing              D. are played
  7. A. with                                   B. of                            C. for                           D. in
  8. A. show                      B. get                          C. let                           D. tell

(25-28) Read the weather forecast and then decide whether the statements that follow are True or False.

At six o’clock yesterday evening, the River Thames burst its banks and flooded a wide area. By nine o’clock the floods had reached the town of Dorchester. The main street was soon under 3 feet of water. Fire engines arrived quickly to pump away the water, but heavy rain made their jobs very difficult. The rain has finally stopped, the river level is falling and the weather forecast is good, but the floods have caused extensive damage. Luckily, nobody was hurt or injured.

  1. The floods hit the town of Dorchester.
    1. Fire engines had no difficulty in pumping away the water.
    2. The town was completely destroyed by the floods.
    3. A large number of people were hurt.

(29-32) Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence:

  1. Our visit to Ha Long Bay was great. It was such a(n) ____________ experience.  (forget)
    1. Some designers have ___________ the ao dai by printing lines of poetry on it.       (modern)
    2. Working with computers doesn’t come ________to most of us in the 21st century. (nature)
    3. His _________________ as leader of the party was announced this morning.         (nominate)

(33-36) Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them:

  1. “What have you prepared for the coming exam, Nam?”
    I asked ______________________________________________________________
  2. The reason for her leaving the meeting early was that she was very sick.
    Because _____________________________________________________________
  3. I advise Alice to take a shower instead of a bath to save water.
    If I _________________________________________________________________
  4. She hasn’t written to him for six months.
    They stopped _________________________________________________________



 Đề số 2:

(1-3) Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:

  1. A. fashion                  B. champagne                                     C. efficiency               D. grocery
  2. A. worked                  B. promised                             C. advised                   D. reached
  3. A. cloths                     B. institutes                             C. styles                      D. earthquakes

(4-13) Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in each sentence:

  1. The unit of ________________of Viet Nam is VND.
    A. currency                B. paper money                       C. coins                       D. cheque
  2. Mass _________________makes more products available.
    A. production             B. improvement                      C. demand                  D. industry
  3. We can protect our environment and save a lot of money by buying ____________products.
    A. used                       B. recycled                              C. waste                      D. recycling
  4. I am able to attend the course, ____________, Sir?
    A. am I                       B. am not I                              C. am I not                  D. aren’t I
  5. If everyone ________________ready, we’ll begin the lesson.
    A. is                            B. was                                     C. were                        D. are
  6. I asked her _________________she could use a computer.
    A. so                           B. if                                         C. whether             D. both B and C are correct
  7.  He never forgets his trip to Hue, ___was the old capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty.
    A. which                    B. where                                  C. in which                  D. that
  8.  ________________the pollution in that river is awfully bad, the water is not fit to drink.
    A. Because of            B. As                                       C. When                      D. Although
  9.  My friends come to stay _________________us __________________Christmas.
    A. to / at                     B. with / in                              C. with / at                  D. to / in
  10.  “I’m taking my entrance exam next month.” -  “______________________.”
    A. Congratulations                                                     B. Well done
    C. Yes, please                                                                        D. Good luck

(14-16) Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

  1. The teacher asked us to discuss that topic but don’t make much noise.

A               B                                     C                 D

  1. The number of students who have been questioned on this matter are quite small.

A                              B                                                C                       D

  1. The test was too difficult that all of us couldn’t finish it well.

A                      B                C                 D

(17-24) Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage:

Many rivers and lakes around the world are polluted. The discharge of (17)_______materials by factories and households (18)______pollution to rivers and lakes. The Rhine River in Europe and the Great Lakes in North America set good examples of a river and lakes that are polluted. Their water (19)_________.The (20)_________thing is happening to the sea.  In (21)_____instance, certain factories in Japan dumped industrial waste (22)_______the sea. Many people suffered from lead or mercury poisoning after eating fish (23)______in such polluted waters. Pollution in certain areas of the sea is now reaching dangerous (24)______.

  1. A. exhaust                            B. waste                      C. disposal                  D. rubbish
  2. A. leads                                B. gives                       C. causes                     D. subjects
  3. A. can’t be drunk                 B. can’t be drink         C. is not to drink         D. is not drink
  4. A. one                                  B. more                       C. such                        D. same
  5. A. one                                  B. other                       C. such                        D. this
  6. A. on                                    B. into                         C. for                           D. at
  7. A. being caught                   B. catching                  C. caught                     D. to be caught
  8. A. grades                             B. ladders                    C. scales                      D. levels

(25-28) Read the passage and then decide whether the statements that follow are True or False.

English is one of the most popular languages in the world. It comes second in the number of speakers after Chinese. In Viet Nam, more and more people are studying English, considering it a key to success. However, not everyone knows how to learn English effectively.

The best way to improve the four skills, speaking, listening, reading, and writing, is to practice regularly. You should make use of every opportunity to speak English with friends in class or at English speaking clubs or even with yourselves in front of the mirror. Learning by heart all the words does not help much if you do not read a lot because you will easily forget what you have learnt. Reading books, listening to radio and watching films are better ways to memorize words. Besides, English learners should not be so shy because making mistakes is unavoidable in learning foreign languages. Practicing speaking a lot is a good way to correct your mistakes.

  1. The most popular language in the world is English.                                                          _________
    1. If you want to improve the four skills, the best way will be to practice
      them regularly.                                                                                                                   _________
    2. In order to memorize words, learning by heart all of them is better than
      reading books, listening to radio and watching films.                                           _________
    3. It can’t be avoided or prevented if somebody learning a foreign language
      makes mistakes.                                                                                                                 _________

(29-32) Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence:

  1. The __________________of mobile phones has soared in the last few years.     (popular)
  2. The holiday has gone by ____________________fast.                            (amaze)
  3. Many colorful flowers ___________________her birthday party last night.       (beauty)
  4. Their work was _____________. They should try their best to make more effort. (appoint)

(33-36) Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them:

  1.        That young scientist is working in a laboratory which has a lot of chemicals.
    The laboratory __________________________________________________
  2. I don’t have enough money to buy that laptop.
    If _____________________________________________________________
  3. Why not prepare the lessons carefully before taking an exam?
    I suggest the lessons ______________________________________________
  4. When did they first use this kind of energy-saving bulb?
    How long is ____________________________________________________



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