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Đề thi thử ĐH môn Tiếng Anh 2011 – P12

Đề thi thử ĐH môn Tiếng Anh 2011 – P12

Question 1:Fill only one word in each of the numbered blanks in the reading passage.

It had been a tiring day and I was a quiet evening .My husband would not be back..2..late and I had decided to settle down..3..a comfortable armchair in the living-room and..4..a book. I put the children to bed early and prepared a cold supper and some coffee. Soon I was sitting comfortably with a tray full of food before me and a book at my side.

I was just beginning to eat..5..the telephone rang. I dropped my knife and fork and hurried to answer..6.. By the time I got back to the living room, my coffee  had got cold. After I finished my supper, I began..7..with my book open at page one. Suddenly there was a the door. It gave me..9..a surprise that I spilt the coffee and made an ugly..10..on my skirt. Some stranger had lost his..11..and wanted me to direct him. It took me ages to get rid..12..him.At length I managed to sit down again and actually read a whole page without further interruption until the baby woke..13..He began..14..loudly and rushed upstairs. The baby was 11 o’clock when my husband came home. I could have screamed  when he asked me if I had spent a pleasant evening.

Question 2:Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete these sentences.

1,The Belgian football player, Van Moer, is…….the question of retirement.

a-deciding          b-thinking             c-contributing               d-considering

2,Keeping the ball out of the net is the……responsibility of the goal-keeper.

a-own                b-sole                    c-unique                       d-individual

3,For this recipe to be successful, you…….cook the meal for at least two hours in the moderate oven.

a-need               b-must                   c-ought                        d-will

4,She wondered……her father looked like now, after so many years away.

a-how                b-whose                 c-that                           d-what

5,…….of the committee, I’d like to thank you for your generous donation.

a-According      b-On behalf            c-Together                   d-In addition

6,Several items of……were found on the river bank.

a-clothes           b-dress                  c-costume                    d-clothing

7,The meeting had to be put……until a late date.

a-away             b-on                        c-off                             d-up

8,The usual reason for exemption from tax does not……in this case.

a-apply             b-impose                c-regard                       d-concern

9,The world Bank has criticised Britain for not giving enough financial……to developing countries.

a-allowance     b-aid                       c-loan                           d-provision

10,The government made serious attempts to raise the……of living.

a-standard       b-cost                     c-level                           d-mode

Question3:Rewrite these sentences, beginning as shown.

1,It was two years ago at the end of this week that I started working here. / At the end…………………

2,”Try going to bed earlier”, the doctor said to Mrs White. / The doctor suggested…………………………

3,You should have an early night, so that you don’t feel tired. / So as………………………………………

4,The weather forecast was inaccurate, so we didn’t take the right precautions.

Had the weather…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

5,I went to the zoo last year and that is where I saw a real tiger for the first time. / Before I………………

6,Fischer will require bottlers to use water that Fischer specifies. / Bottlers………………………………

7,The dress was so tempting that I bought it. / I couldn’t resist the…………………………………………

8,The passengers don’t realize how lucky they have been. / Little…………………………………………

9,Most people can understand him when he speaks English. / He can make………………………………

10,We arrived too late to see the first film. / We didn’t…………………………………………………………

Question 4:Supply the correct form of the verbs, using one of the verbs below to fill in each gap.

fall,  hurt ,  celebrate , find ,   laugh ,  cannot ,   spend ,   take ,   lose ,    leave ,    need ,     save

Gary Smith yesterday..1..his 18th birthday, but he’s lucky to be alive. In March this year, he was climbing Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain, when he..2..his way and..3..three days in sub-zero temperatures.

“My me for having so much survival equipments, but life.”. On the first night, the weather was so bad that it store his new mountain tent to pieces, so he moved into a Youth Hostel for the night.He..6..the hostel at 10.00 the next morning, but he was soon in trouble. “ a rock and..8.. my knees. I..9..move.”

Mountain rescue teams went out to look for Gary,and..10..him at 1.00 in the morning. A helicopter hospital, where he..12..several operations. “Next time I’ll go with my friends,not on my own !” he joked.

Question 5:Fill one preposition in each numbered blank to finish the reading passage below.

Some hundred years ago there was not and women because people then considered women to be the weaker sex. This prejudice..2..women had its origin..3..the dawn of mankind’s history when men lived in caves and went task of food gathering and hunting needed great strength of body. Therefore, the best place for women was not..5..the forest, but at home where they could satisfactorily do their job, namely feeding their children and looking..6..them.

Things have changed much..7..those early days. In the modern life of the twentieth century, more brains are needed, not more strength of the muscle. ..8..a consequence, women play an important role ..9..the modern society. They have proved repeatedly that they are equal and often in almost every field.

Question 6:Supply the correct form of the word in brackets.

1,I enjoy taking…….bicycle trips to the countryside when I have a day off. (leisure)

2,Many foreigners love the peaceful…….of Vietnamese countryside. (beautiful)

3,The new year…….has been considered a great holiday in our country.(celebrate)

4,May Day……the spirit of the working class all over the world. (symbol )

5,The children laughed…….at the funny clowns in……trousers. (heart / bag)

6,We had a marvellous holiday and our trip to the mountains was…….( forget)

7,She was very angry but later she apologized for her……..(patient)

8,To win the gold medal you have to beat all the other……..( compete )

9,The main weakness of the book was the……..ending.(predict )

10,Some parents worry about their children’s…….to computer games.(addict )

Question 7:Turn these sentences into passive.

1,Tom was writing two poems.                               2,The car knocked a woman down in the street.

3,He isn’t going to buy that house.                         4,They will have to pull down that building.

5,He has caught a lion and shot two others.           6,How many books do you give me ?

7,The police haven’t found the murderer yet.          8,Why did people think Halloween was important ?

9,We made her head of the class.              10,I advise my sister to put her money box under the carpet.

Question 8:Change this sentences into indirect speech.

1,Father said: ”The taxi is coming now. Is everyone ready ?”

2,The passenger said to the taxi-driver : “Hurry up. I must be at the station on time. “

3,She asked her boyfriend, “Is it true that your father fought in the last war.”

4,I asked the children: “Who took away the magazines from my desk ? “

5,Henry said to the librarian, “How many books can I borrow at a time ? “

Question 9:Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete the reading passage below.

In the..1..days of the cinema, before sound was introduced, silent films a pianist, or even a small orchestra playing in the cinema itself. One reason..3..this was to cover up the noise of the projector. However, a more important role was to provide..4..for what was going on in the film,and..5..the audience through the story. Different kinds of music were..6..with different situations, fights, chases, romantic scenes and so on. Music was..8..used to identify the geographical location or historical setting of the story.In..9..,individual characters often had their own tune, which could also..10..what sort of person they were.

1,a-early b-starting c-beginning d-original
2,a-chased b-pursued c-taken d-accompanied
3,a-on b-about c-for d-of
4,a-support b-description c-suggestion d-comment
5,a-allow b-guide c-follow d-send
6,a-grouped b-joined c-associated d-collected
7,a-if b-for c-such d-so
8,a-too b-also c-additional d-more
9,a-plus b-addition c-all d-total
10,a-see b-point c-put d-indicate

Question10: Find the word which has the main stress syllable different from the others in each group.

1,a- computer b-memory c-serious d-special
2,a- writer b-carefully c-origin d-compete
3,a- lesson b-delay c-wonder d-pencil
4,a- childhood b-experience c-succeed d-unable
5,a- weather b-important c-informal d-ability

Key 21

Question 1:

1-forward      2-until     3-in       4-read        5-when        6-it          7-reading               8-knock       9-sush     10-stain    (stain: vết bẩn ) 11-way          12-of          13- up                14-crying            15-awake

Question 2: (VB T 21 )      1-d     2-b     3-b      4-d      5-b       6-d       7-c          8-a               9-b               10-a

sole: duy nhất       recipe [‘resəpi] công thức làm món ăn

moderate: [‘mɔdərit]  vừa phải      donation: vËt tÆng generous: thịnh soạn, hào phóng

costume : [‘kɔstju:m]  quần áo, trang phục   exemption [ig’zemp∫n] sù gi¶m (thuÕ)

impose đánh thuế ai / cái gì  mode: cách thức, phương thức

Question 3:

1,At the end of this week, I shall have been working here for two years.

2,The doctor suggested that Mrs White should try going to bed early.

3,So as not to feel tired, you should have an early night.

4,Had the weather forecast been accurate, we might have taken the right precautions. [pri'kɔ:∫n] phòng ngừa

5,Before I went to the zoo last year, I had never seen a real tiger.

6,Bottlers will be required to use water specified by Fischer

7,I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy the dress.         Resist the temptation: Chống lại sự cám dỗ

8,Little do the passengers realize how lucky they have been.

9,He can make most people understand him when he speaks English.

10,We didn’t arrive in time / early enough to see the first film.

Question 4 (headway preinter)

1-celebrated             2-lost           3-spent          4-laughed           5-saved             6-left                7-fell  8-hurt         9-couldn’t            10-found       11-took          12-needed

Question 5:

1-between        2-against           3-from           4-for            5-in              6-after            7-since        8-As     9-in         10-to               Prejudice [‘predʒudis] thành kiến

Question 6:

1-leisurely                 2-beauty                3-celebration           4-symbolises            5-heartily / baggy

6-unforgettable         7-impatience          8-competitors             9-predictable                 10-addiction

addict : người nghiện, người đam mê cái gì

Question 7:

1,Two poems were being written by Tom.                                         2-A woman was knocked down in the street.

3,That house isn’t going to be bought.                                               4-That building will have to be pulled down.

5,A lion has been caught and two others have been shot.                  6,How many books are given to me ?

7,The murderer hasn’t been found yet.                       8-Why was Halloween thought to be important ?

9,She was made head of the class.      10 advise my sister that her box money should be put under the carpet.

Halloween: ngày lễ 31-10.

Question 8:

1,Father said that taxi was coming and asked if everyone was ready.

2,The passenger told the taxi-driver to hurry up and added that he had to be at the station on time.

3,She asked her boyfriend if it was true that his father had fought in the last war.

4,I asked the children who had taken away the magazines from my desk.

5,Henry asked the librarian how many books he could borrow at the time.

Question 9: (Nguyen Bao Trang TII )

Tune: [ tju:n]sự hoà âm, đúng giai điệu a’ccompany đi cùng với ai, đệm nhạc cho ai, cái gì

Associate kÕt hîp víi, liªn t­ëng (ý nghÜ )

1-a         2-d       3-c         4-a        5-b          6-c            7-c             8-b              9-b           10-d

Question 10 : (Nguyen Bao Trang TII )

1-a     2-d        3-b        4-a      5-a

1,a- com’puter b-‘memory c-‘serious d-‘special
2,a- ‘writer b-‘carefully c-‘origin d-com’pete
3,a- ‘lesson b-de’lay c-‘wonder d-‘pencil
4,a- ‘childhood b-ex’perience c-suc’ceed d-un’able
5,a- ‘weather b-im’portant c-in’formal d-a’bility

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